May 20, 2014

Dancing Bones with Anlene Concentrate

Bones and bones and Dancing the song goes. I never realised the true importance of bone health. It was only till I had my first girl before I suffered the repercussions of it.

My gums were starting to bleed even when I did not even prick the gums. By sheer of luck,  I came across these handy packed Anlene Concentrate. I was so delighted, no harm trying. 

It came as a box with 4 small packets inside. Very handy indeed. It was packed with 4x calcium inside! At SGD$3.95 per box of 4, it may more expensive than your regular fresh milk. However with the amount of goodness in each pack, it is definitely worth it. 

On my following month of Dental Visit, my dentist commented on my gums improvement. No bleeding was sighted. 

I introduced Anlene Concentrate to lots of my friends, even to a girlfriend recovering from cancer. It worked really well for her! How can I not blog about this incredible product?

Hence don't take our bone health for granted. We women have to continue to be the pillar of strength to ourselves, our familes and our communities too! 

Start grabbing a box today at the major supermarkets now. Anlene Concentrate is low fat and comes in Chocolate Flavour too.

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