Aug 22, 2013

Inaugural unveiling of limited edition Brilliant Rosé Eternal Love jewellery collection

I was delighted to be invited by Soo Kee to attend the preview party of their Eternal Love jewellery collection at Kudeta. The event would only start at 9pm in the night and only the women get it. 

With my gf at the event.

Roses were the main theme of the night.

Rosés were seen everywhere from projection on the floor, showcases to cocktails. Ladies were served free flow Lychee Martins lined with rosé petals from 9 to 11pm. 

The new collection was worn by the lovely models.

The highlight of the night came when the male models unveiled their faces. 

Prior to the event, we were asked to choose from the kind of guy we would like:
*Adventurous Exciting Guy
*Romantic Guy
*Sensitive New Age Guy

I chose the SNAG!

Every lady attending the event was presented with a stalk of rosé and the chance to have a polaroid taken with the guy they chose earlier. What a wonderful end to the evening. 

Kudos to the team of Soo Kee for the successful event. 

Aug 20, 2013

Fluttery Lashes; it's easy

Have you ever wondered if you can have fluttery beautiful lashes? Here is a solution you may want to ponder without the use of eyelash curler. I hate to use it cos my lashes will drop and they don't look even.

I tried eyelash perm in 2003 and I was addicted. I just did it again! 

Rollers were put on my lashes (just like perming hair). The therapist made sure the lashes were all curled up. 

Lash perming solution (pink in colour) was applied onto the lashes for about 20 mins. 

Thereafter the therapist changed to another solution to fix the lash curls which took another 10 mins.

Yeah! My done lashes! Happy happy!

Eyes are the windows to our souls. Do take good care of your lashes by applying lash serum daily.

I will be doing a review on lash serum soon. Stay tune. 

Lovely black lashes with use of mascara. Really makes me look more awake and rejuvenated. 

A session of eyelash perm is at SGD$40. 
Do check out this place. Lady boss, Anita is sweet and attentive. What I like best about her, she never hard sells. 

Aug 14, 2013

New L'oreal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss

I was so excited to see L'oreal launching the new Glam Shine Balmy Gloss. It has the best of both worlds; glittery with a tinge of balm, to smoothen the dry lips.

At the Taka watsons display, 3 lip colours were on sale. I picked the 912; Peach Pleasure, which was more suitable for my fair skin. 

I was delighted at the ease of use. It glided smoothly on my lips. The colour was not loud, yet the pinkish tone was clearly shown. 

Currently Watsons is having a promotion at SGD$15.90 per stick. For a SGD$29.90 package, you can get a balmy gloss, a blusher and an eyeshadow. Plus you can choose the colours that you fancy! Good deal! Check it out soon peeps. 

Aug 12, 2013

Words in a Frame

It is the thought that counts especially when it comes to choosing a gift for birthday or housewarming. I have always wanted something that will bring delightful smiles to my friends. Hence I was very excited when I first came across this in 2011.

 Just paying an extra of SGD$5, they will ensure delivery by hand to the recipient. A lovely birthday surprise to a dear girlfriend. 

A wonderful housewarming keepsake. was established in October 2009. They specialize in creating  unique handmade frame gifts suitable for all occasions. The coloured styrofoam boards are specially imported from overseas. 

Do check them out on their blog: for the many beautiful designs or just email them at: for any special requirements you may have. 

Their Range of Prices:

Very reasonably-priced for a customized piece of handmade craft. 

I will continue to support them for more frames for my friends;-) 

Aug 11, 2013

Panda Eyes = No More

All the late nights and stress have been giving me tired eyes. My quest for good eye masks have never ceased. Recently I was given these cutie eye masks from a dear girlfriend. I was attracted by the cutie packaging. Didn't look like an eye mask pack for an adult.

Such a cutie packaging! I love it!

This eye mask was from L'Herboflore a.k.a 蕾舒翠, a Taiwanese leading luxury sheet mask manufacturer. Surprisingly the price was quite affordable, according to my girlfriend, per sheet was approximately SGD$3. 

The ingredients used were all natural floral and fruits.

That was very reasonable for such immaculate thought into the design and ingredients used.

The sheet covered my nose and cheek area as well. The sheet mask fitted snugly onto my face. I had access serum to slather on my neck area too. 

Besides this eye mask which is very solid, they have other kinds of sheet masks. I wish I can buy all back;-)

Check out their website:

I hope they will be readily available in Singapore soon like My Beauty Diary, though pricing may be slightly higher. For now, I can only rely on friends who travel to Taiwan to stock up for me. 

Aug 7, 2013

In a SPUR of a moment

"A woman with good shoes is never ugly" - Coco Chanel

I totally agree with this quote. I can never have enough shoes but I realize beautiful shoes such as sexy stilettos are always causing misery to my feet;-(

Recently I discovered this Korean brand, SPUR that opened a retail shop in Singapore. I read about this brand making pretty yet comfortable shoes. Excitedly I went to check it out! True enough, I was convinced. I found the comfy shoes I wanted. No more awful, dull shoes that were deemed comfortable. 

All designs are handcrafted with leather in Korea. Hence quantities are limited.

Comfy environment for shoe shopping.

Designs are so pretty; be it shoes for work or for a weekend out.

SPUR's unique technology in their shoe craftsmanship. 

These are my spoils:
My 6cm heels that I wore to work frequently. I could walk freely without feeling the strain on my calves.

My concealed 1cm heeled flats that is comfy and helps to elongate my legs. Good for those days when you just want to run around for errands. 

Pricing is not exactly cheap. Shoes range from $80 onwards. Depending on the current promotions.

Current promotion from SPUR:

Do check out their store:
SPUR Singapore
Plaza Singapura New Extension
Facebook: SPUR Singapore 

Aug 5, 2013

I Love BB

After hearing so much raving about the Laneige Snow BB Cushion, I decided to try it myself. I chose a True Beige no:13, colour that fitted my fair skin tone. (There were a choice of four tones) 

 A box of BB Cushion comes with a refill at SGD$59. Korea is selling at approx SGD$45.

Upon trying it for the first time last month, I fell in love with it. It came with all the goodies you could ever imagine: natural coverage, sunblock (SPF 50++), sweat proof and whitening. 

Early in the morning look with BB Cushion. I managed to achieve this look in just 10 minutes!

Here's me still looking fresh on a gloomy Monday evening. 

Very ideal for the early rush hour when we just want a quick makeup. It instantly cools your skin down to 3 degrees Celsius, thus you can look good and stay fresh all day! Thumbs up for such superb creation. 

Aug 4, 2013

It's Black Or White

Recently in June 2013, KOSE's best selling SEIKISHO Mask White debuts with an improved formula boasting Red Oolong Tea extract (tightens pores) and Chinese Quince extract (sebum control) to better tackle visible pores and create translucent skin.

The product has won beauty accolades  since 2006. Though it is called Mask White, the mask has nano-sized black powder. Hence after application, you will look like a Blacked Faced!  

It is a simple and easy to use product. For the busy peeps like us, who want to do a quick deep cleansing without the need to go to to a salon, this may be the interim solution. 

Just apply 2 layers of the gel-like mask to the entire face and not neglecting the neck. Leave it to dry, approx 20-30 mins, then peel it off.

You will feel a significant difference even after the first use. All your blackheads seem to be extracted out, giving your face a very clean look. 

I bought this in Japan for about SGD$19.90 (subject to exchange rate) for 80g tube. In Singapore, it is about SGD$35 (RRP).

Have a great black masking time! I am going to peel off mine now. 

Aug 3, 2013

VDL is launched in Sin!

VDL stands for Violet Dream Luminous, has finally landed on our shores. VDL was founded in 2012 by The Color Lab of LG Household and Health Care. 

I had the pleasure to check out during the opening of their flagship store at Suntec City on 2nd Aug, Friday.

Goodie bags were a mere $40 but you got in return a bountiful of products worth more than $50.

Invitees to the event were treated to a makeup demonstration by celebrity makeup artist, Clarence Lee. 

Lovely model after being made up by Clarence using the range of products from VDL.

Lovely leading VDL trainer was sharing with us educational tips on the different product ranges. 

I was especially impressed with the range  of lip tints, especially the Tint Bar, Triple Shot. Couldn't help it but bought myself another one :-)

A shot of this Tint is SGD$24

The triple colour gradual will give you your lips a dimensional finished look. 

I was awe inspired by the amazing choice of lip colours. 

Being an enthusiast of eyeshadows, I couldn't help but got excited upon seeing  the amazing colours available by VDL. The Festival Love Mark series of eyeshadows come in colours that were easy to blend for amateurs like us.

The pretty consultants are always ready to assist whenever you need more information. Do check them out soon for an exciting makeup experience. 

VDL Cosmetics
Suntec City

Aug 1, 2013

Beautiful Nails = Bliss

It was such a nice ending to the evening. I got my nails done up prettily again. This time, I had it done at this cosy little shop, My Dear Nails. Owned by a young lady, who truly abides by her professionalism. She patiently discussed my requirements, before she got started. 

Most importantly her rates are reasonable. To find a truly dedicated manicurist with quality service is such a rarity now. 

For me, a visit to the nail shop is a must; Gelish Manicure, once every three weeks and Classic Pedicure once a month. I truly believe beautiful nails and toes will make you look neat and chic. 

Check out My Dear Nails: 180 Bencoolen Street, #01-68, The Bencoolen Singapore 189646

Do stay with me on my search for more nail shop reviews around the island.

Nite nite peeps!

Total Splurge Today: SGD$38 for comprehensive Gelish  manicure, includes one return soak off and additional $8 gradual glitter design. 

Her Cath Kidston inspired interiors.

You will be spoilt for choices with the large selection of colours.

The cosy little shop