Dec 6, 2016

A Visit to Quan Fa Organic Farm

So glad to bring the my entire clan to visit an Organic Farm in a quaint part of Singapore. On the way to the farm, the kids were like 'What?' 'Why?' 'No Aircon!' Typical City kids who never stayed in a kampong before. Anyway, it would be a good opportunity to expose them to the rural rustic side of Singapore.

It was not just an experiential journey for the kids, but also a sensory one too. Kids could smell, touch and understand the entire planting process.

Tasted the organic vegetables too. Never knew Lady's finger could be so crunchy and not slimey at all.
 No pesticides were used in Quan Fa Organic Farm. All insects were stuck onto this panel.

Quite tasty though

Freshly plucked Radish. So pretty
How could I not have a selfie with this Bouquet?
 JJ patiently explained the how the different vegetables were being grown organically

 My usual style
 Neatly lined crops

 Lovely bitter gourd!
 Lady's Fingers
 Couldn't help but had to snap and snap  #nofilter pictures


Fertilizers; no faeces used. all fruits and vegetables only
Farmer hard at work
 Our mandatory group shot. Girls loving the experience. No complains even they were being 'attack' by guerrilla mozzies (after using multiple anti-mozzie stickers and spray).
 We totally enjoyed our Organic Farm Tour, kudos to JJ, who was so passionate about organic farming. It was like a tranquil retreat brimming with lush greenery. After the tour, we were treated to freshly prepared organic vegetables that left us craving for more.

 It was saddening to hear that this locally-owned organic farm would be gone by 2019 due to urban developments. Perhaps it is time for you to check out this secret sanctuary during the school holidays to experience or reminisce the good old kampong days. Do kindly contact Quan Fa Organic Farm for their various tour timings.
However, you can also purchase these fresh greens via their e-shop:
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Quan Fa Organic Farm
35 Murai Farmway
Singapore 709145
Tel: +65 6793 7693
Facebook: quanfaorganic
Instagram: qforganic