Jul 31, 2013

Makeup = Self- Respect?

A lot of friends had been asking me why I looked so dolled up daily. As a multi-tasker; busy working executive, with 2 young schooling kids (7&3) with no helper. Frankly the only answer to them: that's a respect to oneself. 

The hectic stressful lifestyle and lack of sleep made me look real haggard at times. Hence, I always tell myself, no matter where I go, sunblock with a tinge of blusher and lip gloss is a must. If possible, eyeliner to brighten up the eyes. 

Maybe when you wake up tomorrow, urge yourself to try on some basic makeup. A sunblock, loose powder, blusher with a gloss to finish off the look.  If an additional few minutes a day can win you compliments, that's worth the effort already. 

Me - my typical work gear (with compliments from thecolorIS)

Me - my weekend look (with sunblock, eyeliner, tinge of blusher and gloss)

Jul 30, 2013

Little Happiness in Life

I just had to blog about this! I finally tried the churros at Churrosity Holland Village. They were simply the best I ever had. Small crispy sugary warm bites, yet not dry or hard, topped with caramel sauce. My face was brimming with happiness after my first bite.

There are bite or regular Churros sizes to choose from.  I chose bite sizes for ease of eating. Took a regular size at SGD$3.20, to test them out. Who knows they were simply too little for me! You can also choose from the four kinds of toppings at no extra charge. From caramel, chocolate, honey to strawberry. 

Ok that's all for now. I am thinking whether i should have my second helping 😋

Jul 29, 2013

Cheers to Monday

It was a bright sunny Monday morning. So happy to embrace the day with a cheery weather. Sigh, weekends seemed to pass in a glance. Still I managed to grab some buys from the GSS. Yeah!

Will be glad to showcase some of my buys for the day. 

Here's my look of the day; Laniege BB Cushion on my face, Kate Gel Eyeliner, Urban Decay Eyeshadow and Shu uemura Lip Gloss. 

A New Beginning

Some say a blog is an expression, or even an alter ego of one. But I choose to tell the harsh truth, that without a little prima donna in all of us, there is absolutely no way we can achieve the look you see in the pages of the fashion magazines, and thus this blog was born: 

To share my fashion and beauty diary, with snippets of my daily thoughts.  A little something to look back and reminisce with fondness with time.

Stay tune with me;-)

Much love,
Ms Oinkeebabe