Apr 20, 2015

MT Aesthetic Vitamin C Facial By Bon Elements

MT Aesthetic Vitamin C Facial is the current leading Japanese brand and A Winner of Japan's Professional Cosmetics Award Grand Prize in 2014. 

Benefits of MT Vitamin C

  • High 20% Vitamin C Concentration treatment
  • Vitamin C-enriched treatment fight free radical that causes common skin problems
  • Penetrates deep into the skin, promoting cell renewal and repair
  • Alleviates skin dullness and unevenness
  • Effectively tighten pores, diminish and repairs pores
  • Nourishes skin, brightens, achieving a radiant and youthful skin
We started by a thorough cleansing on the face, followed by a relaxing shoulder massage using my favourite Lemongrass aromatherapy oil. The skilled masseur could actually feel the knots and tension in my muscles. She managed to push them out so I felt really relaxed and sleepy.....

We continued with a MT Phytic Peel which helped to exfoliate the dead skin, alleviates dullness and unevenness. 

Finally the MT Vitamin C Serum of 20% concentration was applied on my face, giving a brighter and radiant complexion before using Iontophoresis to smooth out the wrinkles/fine lines and tightens the skin. This will also increase the skin's capacity to absorb the nutrients better. 

See the mask on my face. 

As an ardent reader of mine, I hope you can also experience this amazing facial treatment. Rest assured you will be in good hands. 

You can quote "msoinkee" to enjoy the promotional trial for MT Facial at $28 only. 

Feeling rejuvenated after the session.

If you are keen after the trial, Bon Elements is offering $540 for 3 sessions, inclusive of a complimentary MT Start Up Trial Kit worth $128.40 (Total Worth: $878.40)

Information of MT Start Up Trial Kit

Trial kit of “MT Metatron lifting care”. A Lift Care Line of Metatron cosmetics which is suitable for sensitive skin too. 

MT First Step Lotion     30ml
MT Essential Serum       15ml
MT Contour Cream         10gm

To experience the revolutionary facial at Bon Elements, do book your appointment: 

Address: 360 Orchard Road, International Building, #03-24/25 
Singapore 238869
Tel: 6733-2338
Instagram: bonelements

Have a great time lovelies✌🏻️

Sculptra in Singapore by Official Trainer Dr Lee Mun Heng

I knew about Cambridge Medical Group via the Social Media and especially as the leading name for Sculptra in Singapore. Apparently it was like a favourite hangout for the socialites and celebrities. Definitely with this group of atas clientele, I would assume Cambridge to be on the high end, but I had heard so many good things about them I decided it was worth a visit. When it comes to your face, I prefer to choose quality over a low Sculptra price, wouldn't you? 

Read on to see my full Sculptra review.

Where to do Sculptra in Singapore

 reception of Cambridge Medical
Caption: The elegant reception of Cambridge Medical Singapore.

I decided to arrange an appointment for a consultation with Dr Lee first. Dr Lee is the official trainer for Sculptra in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Perhaps he could help me to attain a flawless complexion like the socialites? I must admit that coming to such an atas place did have me worrying about the Sculptra cost. But consultant was free anyway and if his Sculptra price was too expensive, I could still decide to walk away :-)

Dr Lee articles
Caption: Found many articles on Dr Lee at the cozy pantry

To my surprise, Dr Lee was very approachable, humble and most importantly knowledgeable. That made me felt more comfortable in sharing with him my skin woes. In recent years, due to intensive travelling, my skin was dry. I realised my nasolabial fold (smile lines) became more obvious now. That was a sign of aging. Dr Lee is a Cambridge University med-school graduate! And as previously mentioned, him being the official Sculptra trainer appointed by pharmaceutical giant Galderma makes me feel like I can trust him a lot more. Haha!

My bottle of precious Sculptra
Caption: My bottle of precious Sculptra awaits

My Singapore Sculptra Review

Dr Lee suggested using Sculptra to help me to replace the collagen I lost. Due to the hectic lifestyle, stress, modern women experience collagen loss at an even younger age like early 30s. I am turning 39 years old this year, with 2 kids. Hence I was considered lucky that my collagen loss was still mild. 

Sculptra is made from a synthetic material called poly L-lactic acid , which will gradually and naturally absorb by the body as it works to replace the loss collagen. It is different from other face fillers which give immediate volume – Sculptra takes longer to work but the eventual result is that your face gets plumped with its own collagen and not any foreign material. I found this to be a real plus point.

Poly L-lactic acid has also been used for decades as dissolvable stitches and face injectable since 1999 in over 30 countries. Hence its safety is assured.

After double-checking the Sculptra cost, I felt it was ok and I was ready to go ahead.

Excited about the Sculptra treatment
Face was cleansed thoroughly. Excited about the Sculptra treatment!

Numbing cream applied

Numbing cream was applied.

After 30 mins, I was totally numbed and all ready to kickstart my Sculptra treatment.

Sculptra pre-treatment picture

A pre-treatment picture is taken for reference.

the areas of collagen loss
Markings are made to design my new look and the areas of collagen loss.

Cheeks fillers

Cheeks were usually the first areas to experience such collagen loss.

youth after the treatment

Doc told me I would soon resume my youth after the treatment. I am looking forward to the end results blissfully.
Sculptra and me examining my new look
Caption: Me examining my new look. I’m surprised there is no downtime, in fact I look immediately fresher.
There was no pain at all cos my face was all numbed. No exaggerating effect immediately after the jab. It looks very natural and I hope it improves even more over time!
a gentle massage to stimulate the Sculptra
Getting a gentle massage to stimulate the Sculptra – I am told this is important!
Unlike other face fillers, Sculptra is one of the few treatments in Singapore where I am encouraged to go for facials immediately after the treatment. The nurse teaches me the massaging techniques which are going to activate the Sculptra further. For the next five days, I would need to massage at least three times a day to stimulate the collagen reproduction.
 no downtime or puffiness
Immediately post-procedure. There is no downtime or puffiness.

Sculptra in Singapore is like a quick fix before important appointments. All ready to go out later. 

Result was au natural
Result was au natural. I could immediately resume my normal life. I really like the results – what do you think? =)

Sculptra Cost & Price

Surprisingly, Dr Lee's Sculptra cost is Singapore is also a reasonable market-rate. Phew, all this worry about being overcharged was unfounded… no wonder so many celebrities and socialites go there. I haven't tried the other treatments but the Sculptra price is definitely good!

2nd day after Sculptra

2nd day after Sculptra

5 days after Sculptra

5 days after Sculptra (no one knows a thing, hee hee)
2 weeks after Sculptra
2 weeks after my Sculptra review and experience in Singapore. Smile widely naturally with no makeup except sunblock. Can you see the collagen increase in my cheek zone? Happy, happy, happy!
Now I just hope the results last and keep improving! Doc says three sessions will be ideal but results will vary according to individuals. 
I can always come back for touch-ups later, its good to know that this is repeatable and the Sculptra price is reasonable! The final effect from Sculptra is pretty long lasting, up to 2 years.

I would suggest making an appointment to consult the doctor first to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for Sculptra before embarking on it. 

Do check Dr Lee out at their website: www.cambridgemedical.com.sg

Cambridge Medical Group 
391 Orchard Road 
Ngee Ann City Tower B
Singapore 238874

Tel: 6733 0777
SMS/Whatsapp: 9155 8869

Operating Hours:Mon to Wed, and Fri: 10am – 6pm.
Thurs: 10am – 8pm.
Sat: 10am – 3pm
Sun and PH: Closed

Experience the 6D Eye Embriodery Yourself

I am simply in love with my 6D Embroidered Eyebrows. They are so natural and I don't have to spend much time drawing and having to worry about the colour fading off.
As my ardent readers, I would like to sincerely invite you to the Eagle Beauty 6D Eyebrow Embroidery Party on 26th April 2015, Sunday.  Since you read my Blogpost on my experience with Eagle Beauty, you may be keen to come on by to see for yourself .
Why must you COME?
  • Know what entails Eyebrow Embroidery?
  • Why must you do Eyebrow Embroidery?
  • The Evolution of Eyebrow Embroidery technology?
  • Which Brow Design suits you best.
  • How is this done? There will be Live Demo on the day.
This is a FREE EVENT.
Details of the event
Date: 26 April 2015, 1pm (Registration from 12pm)
Venue: Furama City Centre, Heritage Room Level 2, 60 Eu Tong Sen Street.
- Celebrity Host- Silver Ang will be hosting the event.
- Get to witness live demo session of the World's 1st 6D Eyebrow Embroidery
- Exclusive promotion for the 6D Eyebrow Embroidery 
Lucky Draw
Exclusive promotion and lucky draw to stand a chance to win vouchers up to $1000 to purchase luxury bag (Prada, Gucci and more)! And for guests who purchase a package during the event, they would stand a chance to win a luxury Chopard watch worth up to $25,000!!!
There are limited seats for the events, so hurry RSVP!

Apr 15, 2015

New Menu Launch by Gyu Kaku

Gyu-Kaku is known for its barbeque. In Japan itself, there are a total of 600 branches. In Singapore, they have 5 outlets at the moment. I was excited be part of the invited media to savour Gyu-Kaku's newly-revamped menu. 

Such a nice thought to give us apron. 

Exciting menu for the Media Tasting 

A starter to get your tastebuds aroused

35gm of top grade Kagoshima Wagyu Beef [$35]

See the marbling effect. Using charcoal only. No oil or other other seasoning was used. Pure natural goodness. 

Done! Ready! 


The King Kagoshima Wagyu [$41]

We had the honour to have the boss of Gyu-Kaku to demonstrate the bbq-ing of the King Wagyu!

Dip the Wagyu in fresh Wasabi. Oishi! 

Fire! Harubi

King Harami

The sides to eat with the beef.

So what is really so good about Japanese Wagyu? 

Most of the time in Singapore, we will have Australian Wagyu. Aussie Wagyu cows will not be kept in a shield, they will be running around. They will only eat grains. Hence less marbling, tougher meat texture.

Japanese Wagyu cows are kept in a shield, feed with high quality grains and even sake! So meat texture is tender and with lots of marbling.

Grapefruit Mojito

Yuzu Mojito! My favourite! 

Fresh Prawns. A refreshing option among the beefy dishes. 

Assorted Mushrooms. We need some to neutralise the meat. 

Somehow the meal was not completed without Garlic Rice.

Spicy Soup in Hot Stone. 

Special mention to this Wagyu Sushi. Quality beef with top grade fragrance Japanese rice. It was really sooo good. I could finish all up even though I already ate so much. Rice was not sticky, you could feel the grains. 

Sweet potatoes bbq with butter

Together with vanilla ice-cream. Indeed a heavenly combination. 

More desserts! Woo....

A picture with the 2 directors of Gyu-Kaku. Appreciate their kind invite to this awesome tasting. Really so full now. Arigato Gyu-Kaku. 

Come by to Gyu-Kaku to curb your Wagyu's cravings at their 5 convenient locations: 

368 Alexandra Rd
Singapore 159952
Tel:(65) 6479 4001
Fax:(65) 6479 6478
Operations Hours: 
Lunch:  (Daily) 1200hrs - 1430hrs (Last Order 1400hrs)
Dinner: (Daily) 1730hrs - 2230hrs (Last Order 2200hrs)

30 Victoria Street #01-01/02 
Singapore 187996
Tel:(65) 6333 4001
Fax:(65) 6333 4720
Operations Hours: 
Lunch:  (Daily) 1200hrs - 1430hrs (Last Order 1400hrs)
Dinner: (Daily) 1730hrs - 2300hrs (Last Order 2230hrs)

11 Tanjong Katong Road
One KM, #01-16
Singapore 437157
Tel:(65) 6362 4001
Fax:(65) 6341 6612
Operations Hours: 
Daily: 1200hrs - 2300hrs (Last order 2215hrs)

81A Clemenceau Avenue
#01-18/19 UE Square
Singapore 239918
Tel:(65) 6733 4001
Fax:(65) 6733 0478
Operations Hours: 
Lunch:  (Daily) 1200hrs - 1430hrs (Last Order 1400hrs)
Dinner: (Daily) 1800hrs - 2330hrs (Last Order 2300hrs)

238 Thomson Road 
#02-46 Novena Square 
Singapore 307683 
Tel:(65) 6252 4001
Fax:(65) 6252 4002
Operations Hours: 
Mon-Sun: 1130hrs - 2200hrs (Last Order 2130hrs)