Sep 9, 2016

Stem Cell Therapy by Cambridge Therapeutics [Media Review]

I decided to give my skin a new lease of health by trying out Cambridge's Fusion Stem Cell Therapy in Singapore. This new stem cell treatment is actually a form of rejuvenation. It is a unique formulation of collagen and growth factors that nourished and heals skin from within.

I started out feeling a bit skeptical as my skin was very sensitive. I wonder how my skin will react to the stem cell treatment. However for the sake of beautiful ageless skin, I just went ahead to do it.

Stem Cell Therapy in Singapore

Don't expect the stem cell therapy serum to smell nice, serum has no additives, hence, it smells like bodily fluids.

The micro-needle roller that was used by the Therapist to roll on the serum into my skin. It was a bit pricky, but overall, it was still bearable. I nearly dozed off a few times during stem cell treatment.

Singapore Stem Cell Treatment Results

The result just from my maiden try was very significant and I was totally convinced this was the treatment for me.

No makeup on the face and no filter used for the picture. Except for my eye makeup. My face did not turn red or patchy after the stem cell treatment.

After first session

                                                                 After second session

After third session

After fourth session

It is recommended to do a total of 4 x weekly sessions so as to ensure the best effects. So far, I have been enjoying compliments on how radiant and supple my skin has become.

Stem Cell Therapy is indeed amazing. Stem Cell treatments possess this thing called Cell Signalling. Simply by coming into contact with Stem Cells, it will pass on the information to our skin cells and teaches it to behave the way it should be. Hence, Fusion Stem Cells Regeneration Therapy helps to repair damaged and corrupted skin cells.
Stem Cells used are from Red Deers (not from suspicious unknown source). This treatment was curated by Cambridge and CellResearchCorp.

Stem Cell Therapy Package for 4 Sessions - S$1,588 (equates to $397 per session)
Coupled with Laser Treatment      - S$3,508

Each session of the Stem Cell Fusion Therapy takes about 30 mins. Fast and effective is what I need. This is like a lunchtime beauty retreat for me.

Just for readers of my blog, Cambridge Therapeutics will give away an extra tub of Calecim Home Care Cream with 50% High Potency for you to continue the therapy in the comfort of your home.

I tried using the Calecim Home Care Cream on my cut. Miraculously, my cut dried and healed in 2 days time, without a scar. You must try to know the amazing results.

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