Dec 25, 2014

Introducing Mookata Set from Chang Thai

A quaint authentic Thai Cafe in Bishan; whom never fail to offer the best and freshest food.

I was delighted to be back to taste their newly-introduced Mookata set. What is a Mookata anyway?

It is a grill hot plate surrounded by  steamboat moat from Thailand. 

Heard so much from friends and the media on Mookata but seriously this was my maiden attempt at Mookata.

Perhaps it was due to a steamboat incident happened a decade ago where the oil from the hotplate popped onto my nose and left me scarred for months. I was totally traumatised and swear off steamboat for years. 

Mookata is rather different. No oil was used, the fats came from the meat. Much healthier and definitely safer unlike the typical hot plate steamboat. Water is poured on the lower part of the plate, hence will not end up having oil popping all over.

See how we use the fats to go over the entire skillet pot. 

A set for 2 pax cost S$39, which includes generous serving of ingredients.

How can we do without the chilli? The chilli sauce is a special concoction from Chang Thai. However if you want it to have more stronger flavouring, add in the garlic to the chilli sauce. Or if you are into spiciness, add the small chillies which I guarantee can surely 'numb' you. 

For me, just adding garlic will do.

The happy girl savouring her mookata.

A refreshing Lemongrass was a good choice for a Hotpot session. Freshly extracted and brewed from natural Lemongrass, it was a must-order.

My must-order. Mango sticky rice. Sweet slices of Mango with glutinuous sticky rice and a generous spread of freshly squeezed coconut milk. So heavenly. Burp burp.

Come on by to Chang Thai at: 
Blk 151 Bishan St 11 
Singapore 580151

For reservation, call them at 

Dec 10, 2014

Au Natura with LIN's from Australia

Envisioning the needs of modern living, LIN's from Australia, embraces a natural and an organic concept that holistically intertwines all your senses, proffering the ultimate sensory adventure and capturing the good from the earth, transforming its beauty into a conglomerate of touches, scents and visuals.

All products of LIN's are produced using pure extracts from plants and essential oils with selective bottling of nature. With Lin's range of quality skin, body, hair and scented natural products, even for kids and babies, you can interpret organic wellness into your everyday routine in the comfort of your abode.
Just for this Christmas season, LIN's has specially curated these lovely Gift sets that will definitely wow the receiver. I am buying these for my upcoming Christmas Gift Exchanges.
Spa Deluxe Gift Set*
Tilley Bath Salt + <br/>Reed Diffuser
Bath Salt + Reed Diffuser ($88.80) at S$62.16 
* choice of scent is available
Tilley Bath Salt + <br/>Soy Candle
Bath Salt + Soy Candle ($74.80) at S$52.36
* choice of scent is available
Body Indulgence Gift Set*
Tilley Body Wash + <br/>Tilley Hand Cream
Choose: Body Wash + Body Lotion ($63.60) at S$41.72
* choice of scent is available
Tilley Body Wash + <br/>Tilley Moisture Rich Body Lotion
OR Body Wash + Hand Cream ($59.60) at S$44.52
* choice of scent is available
In additionally, LIN's is also having storewide discount of 50%! Yippee! The shopaholic is busy browsing again.
The Goat's Milk range of products are quite interesting. I should be getting the Body Wash and Body Lotion as a present to my friends who have eczema issues.
Take the chance to spread the natural goodness to your friends or a year-end reward for yourself. Check out LIN's at:
LIN's Outlets:
  • United Square #B1-70 Tel: +65 6254 6009
  • Midview City #03-107 Tel: +65 6659 9368
Facebook: Lin's Home & Beauty


Dec 3, 2014

Oinkeebabe is Back!

Yeah I am back! It has indeed been more than a month since I blogged. If you followed my Instagram feeds, you would notice I had been travelling back to back. Great to be back home, the familarities and conveniences on this little island which we always take for granted. Though I am still missing the food, the sceneries from my travels. 

This December is also a time for gatherings and parties, lots of food and booze. Watch out for my upcoming blogs on the festive offerings from my dear sponsors and how I get myself ready for the upcoming parties. 

Wohoo it is getting exciting! 

Enjoy the festivities, spread the love to all your dearies and stride through the remaining 2014 with lots of memorable moments. 

Loving this shot with my AnneLene at Hong Kong Disneyland on our recent family holiday. 


Oct 16, 2014

It is another Hair Affair at Black Hair Salon

I always feel so blessed to have Black Hair Salon's total love and care for my hair.  They are always a phone call away whenever I need SOS for my tresses.

Raymond suggested trying the Trisys Hair Treatment for my hair. 

TRISYS, originated from Japan, was developed in response to the increasing need for a customized personal care product based on the fundamental science of trichology. Black Hair Salon assessed and tailor-make the prescriptions according to my needs. 

The treatment helped to smoothen my hair from the roots and reduced my dandruff which I get it whenever I am stressed up. Woes of a busy working mama. 

Hair was styled in perfection; all smooth and silky. 

Having my hair done at Black Hair Salon was always an enjoyable affair. They make you feel so at home and relaxed especially after a hard day at work. 

No matter how busy is oneself, don't forget to spend some time (at least once a month) to care for your hair. Bad hair day makes you an unhappy person. 

Fix an appointment with the friendly peeps at Black Hair Salon now.

Black Hair Salon is located at:
180 Bencoolen Street
The Bencoolen,  #01-28 
Singapore 189646. 
Tel: 6835 9976

Oct 2, 2014

It is a Trick your Eye Museum Day

Trick Eye Museum is not your usual museum. It is an extraordinary museum that comes to life with just your smart phones. No sophisticated technologies deployed, just the clever use of optical illusions that turn a 2-D painting into a 3-D image. I was so excited to be there with a girlfriend, Eve recently.

Check out the fun-filled pictures we took that night. Pictures were all taken with no flash, kudos to the amazing lightings in the museum. Somehow, the lightings made us look so good in the pictures. Now we shall let the pictures do the talking:-P

Yeah we were all ready for to flex our muscles!

Gone with the Wind? Let's dance.
Please, I was not planning to 'kill'

I never realised I could do ballet....

Come on, horsey, gotta win this race

Wasn't this incredible? I could do such a stunt!

Part of it

This was really hard work!

Ariel mermaid....

Riding on the beautiful swan......

If I had wings, I could soar to the skies

Eve, let's go!

I never thought I could be lying on the moon

Sleigh Ride!

Cat meets Puss in Boots

Come on! Let's hold on to one another!

Da Da! I became a synchronised swimmer too.

The Balancing Act....

Another balancing act....I did it!

Help me please!

I could climb the bamboos too, just like a Panda

Never expected myself to try sky diving. Wohoo!

Oh no!

Can someone help? Trapped again!

Have you ever sat on the elephant's trunk without having to worry? You can! Only in Trick Eye Museum!

Eve appeared not just taller, but bigger too... and I?  I was a dwarf at that moment in comparison.

I was in a magic show

So close yet so far.....close shave

Gaining enlightenment....just like in the movies

Hello all!

Oh baby! Don't do this to me!

Finally completed our journey in the Trick Eye Museum. Chilling out time....

Gave ourselves a well-deserved treat in McDonalds. Once inside the museum, we felt like kids all over again. Lots of wacky, muscles stretching, poses......... We felt so exhausted after the visit but it was so fun! Challenges after challenges......we overcame them and felt so proud of ourselves. It was truly an awesome night out.

Will I visit Trick Eye again? Definitely! There will new exhibits periodically and I excitedly look forward to that.

I strongly encourage a visit to Trick Eye Museum, as a choice over a mundane day out to the mall or to the movies. It is more interactive than your virtual games for sure. We need such personal interaction now especially in a world where we whatsapp more than indulging in real conversations.

Ideal Hang Out Place for everyone:
  • Couples (young/old, even on a first date)
  • Family with young kids or old folks
  • Friends
  • Colleagues

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am to 9pm

Tickets are available onsite.
Adults: SGD$25 (13 - 59 years old)
Kids: SGD$20 (4 - 12 years old)
Senior Citizens: SGD$20 (60 years & above)

How to get there:

Special thanks to Trick Eye Museum and The Influencer Network for the kind invite. All photos were taken with Sony N5000 and Iphone 5S. No editing, pure taken pictures for your kind viewing.