May 29, 2015

Au Natura with Sculptra

Before Sculptra

Though I am 39 years old this year, I have always done firming treatments to maintain. Hence overall I still look acceptable except for the more obvious laugh lines.

It came to my attention when my face suddenly turned dry, peeling always, especially when I travel. For a period of time, I was on a constant dose of steriods to curb the rashes due to dry skin. Dry skin made my nasio-labial folds (smile lines) even more obvious.

Using Iphone 5s with no filter used. See my more obvious laugh lines. (Not my baby haha)

One day, hub alerted me; "where are your chubby cheeks? 

My usual reply: "I gave them to our girls!"

That was me in my 20s when cheeks looked fuller. 

Look naturally young with Sculptra.

Doctor Lee checking on the areas where I needed more boost.

Always excitedly looking forward. Must be thinking I am such a sadist who loves injection so much.

I was done in less than 10 mins. Doctor was swift in his jabbing. Not much pain experienced although I had minimal numbing done on my cheek area. Really a quick lunchtime fix. 

Nurse massaging my face to stimulate the collagen production. I am supposed to massage my face for a minimum of 3 times a day for the 5 days.

How I look immediately after treatment? No downtime, I can resume my lifestyle right after that. All in all, it was only done in less than 30 mins. Numbing cream another 10 mins. Doc took about 10 mins only! 

My curiosity made me want to do a research on whether Sculptra treatment was really a no downtime one. Indeed, it is highly dependable on the doctor's skill. There were cases of bruises on the face due to multiple jabbing points. Hence it is very important to choose the best especially when it comes to the face. 

With the amazing team who never failed to make me feel at home whenever I am there. No pic with the Doc Lee as he is camera shy:-p

1 week after Sculptra

2 weeks after Sculptra

1 month after Sculptra

All pictures here were taken using the Iphone 5S with no filter used.

Over the next three months, you will realise my face will get better and younger. Smiles lines bye bye. Dry skin bye bye. Welcome firm full cheeks. Sculptra will help to plump up the tiny depressions on the cheek areas. 

In fact, Dr Lee is the official Sculptra trainer in Southeast Asia for 2015 and 2016.  If you want to try it, do with the best. I cannot compromise when it comes to the face ;-)

Cambridge Medical Group
391 Orchard Road 
Ngee Ann City Tower B
Singapore 238874

Tel: 6733 0777
SMS/Whatsapp: 9155 8869

Operating Hours:Mon to Wed, and Fri: 10am – 6pm.
Thurs: 10am – 8pm.
Sat: 10am – 3pm
Sun and PH: Closed

May 12, 2015

Go Buy Lah is Online!

Introducing an exciting online portal that makes shopping so easy.

Almost anything you want can be found on! 

Let me share with you on my buys. At just S$200, I managed to snag all these buys without even stepping out of my home. Hub thot I was busy playing Tsum Tsum lol

See my buys! With free delivery, it is such a breeze to buy from Gobuylah.
I bought the Toyomi Electric Airport, 3.5L 750 Watt Electric Pump Airpot (Model: EPA 357), which was big and bulky for me to lug around. With Gobuylah, I can just browse, buy and get delivered to my doorstep all within clicks. The Toyomi Electric Airport is at S$67.40.
                                                                                Photo Credit:
Loved the Bio-X, it is 3 in 1 is eco-friendly, water-based, safe insecticide and actually works for weeks! It is also non-toxic and contains natural lemon fragrance.
                                                                                                        Photo Credit:
 The active ingredient “Etofenprox” is an insect neuro-toxicant i.e. a specific chemical that only attacks the insects’ nervous system.

As it is water formulated, it has a pleasant fragrance and will not stain nor cause any irritation.

World Health Organization classified “Etofenprox” as unlikely to pose an acute hazard in normal use."
Bio-X 3in 1 Insecticide (300ml) S$9.60; (600ml) S$13.39
                                                                                                       Photo Credit:
Miyoshi Additive Free Laundry detergent (1.2L) with free refill (1L) at S$27.40.
Tried and I love it so much. Clothes smell so good. It is so gentle, you can use it for babies clothes too.
                                                                                                         Photo Credit:

Good deal! 12 bottles of Imperial Leather Shower Gel at S$23.90! Imperial Leather is such an old nostalgic brand for me. So glad they are back with the shower gel version. I literally grew up with this brand.
These tea capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines and they tasted really good. Only at S$7 per box for 10 capsules.
Lots of brands and promotions on Gobuylah website.

You may think this is the usual virtual marketplace, but in Gobuylah, there are lots of reputable brands, such as Bioskin, Philips even Singapore Mint. There are certain brands that you cannot even find in the regular supermarkets.

The website is easy to use.

Accepts major credit cards and even CASH! This makes transacting so easy and seamless.

Go buy lah now at:

Free delivery with no Minimum Purchase! That is really a Plus Point to check them out! The delivery was prompt too. Service was not compromised though delivery is free.

If you sign up as a member now, you will get a $5 credit off your shopping!

What are you waiting for? I am going to buy lah now!