May 20, 2014

Dancing Bones with Anlene Concentrate

Bones and bones and Dancing the song goes. I never realised the true importance of bone health. It was only till I had my first girl before I suffered the repercussions of it.

My gums were starting to bleed even when I did not even prick the gums. By sheer of luck,  I came across these handy packed Anlene Concentrate. I was so delighted, no harm trying. 

It came as a box with 4 small packets inside. Very handy indeed. It was packed with 4x calcium inside! At SGD$3.95 per box of 4, it may more expensive than your regular fresh milk. However with the amount of goodness in each pack, it is definitely worth it. 

On my following month of Dental Visit, my dentist commented on my gums improvement. No bleeding was sighted. 

I introduced Anlene Concentrate to lots of my friends, even to a girlfriend recovering from cancer. It worked really well for her! How can I not blog about this incredible product?

Hence don't take our bone health for granted. We women have to continue to be the pillar of strength to ourselves, our familes and our communities too! 

Start grabbing a box today at the major supermarkets now. Anlene Concentrate is low fat and comes in Chocolate Flavour too.

May 14, 2014

Body Moisturizing made easy with Nivea

'Moisturizing' is the keyword in my beauty routine. Moisturizing face is essential to keep the face looking supple and less prone to fine lines. This applies to the other parts of the body too, especially the hands and legs.

We have always neglected these parts of the body. Really so thankful for Nivea to come up with this moisturizer to be used during shower.

I was so excited and started trying when launched. I never looked back since. I am hooked onto it.

It has a creamy texture and the smell is so good. You just need to apply all over the body after your usual shower gel. Then wash it all off. You will feel your skin feeling softer in just the first try.

So far I had tried both. As I would usually sleep in the air-conditioned room, the one with Almond Oil will suit me best. Though highly moisturised, it would not leave a greasy after-feel. Kudos to the R&D team at Nivea who came up with the water-activated formula.

At SGD$7.90 (RRP) per bottle, it is an economical method for the lazybone in you.

Available at all personal care stores and supermarkets, including Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, Fairprice, Giant outlets and major retailers. 

May 1, 2014

Grubilicious in the Park

We finally made it to Grub in Bishan Park! Yippee! There were available seats. We never felt so lucky. The last time we came with our girls, we had to go as we had to wait for at least 45 minutes. Poor girls were starving and we had to detour elsewhere.

Located in Bishan Park. Such a tranquil location for dinner after a stressful work day. 

In Grub, they believed in eating responsibly by using natural ingredients when possible. This is amazing since eating out always means piling on so-called junk food. This place is indeed a rare gem in the north.

We started with Chili con carne which is corn chips with beef mince and sour cream. The chips were crispy and yet not oily. The dipping sauce tasted just right, not salty at all. You will not feel sinful indulging in this dish. 

I took the Grub Cheeseburger. With a generous spread of Monterey Jack Cheese, freshly made beef patties, green leafy vegetables with pipping hot french fries. It was really good. I finished all up swiftly. 

Hub took the Crispy Fish Burger. You could taste the freshness of the fish. Soft fluffy bread with the battered fish, easy and would not feel so sinful after eating.

We were already full to the max after the appetizer and main courses but how could we leave Grub without trying their desserts. I was so sad I didn't make it for their special: donuts with salted egg dip. Just hearing the name made me drool. Oops. Today their special was Chocolate cake with Vanilla Ice-cream. It was light, chocolate was not over powering. There was strawberries too that helped in digesting a portion of the food, I hope. 

We were happy and satisfied after the meal. Prices were reasonable, we spent about $55+ including taxes.

The place was amazingly packed almost daily. Judging by the crowd, you can be sure they have a strong following. 

Do come on to join in the bandwagon at:
510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 ( bishan park 1) Singapore 569983
Tel: +65 64595743
No reservation allowed, all walk-ins.