Dec 6, 2016

A Visit to Quan Fa Organic Farm

So glad to bring the my entire clan to visit an Organic Farm in a quaint part of Singapore. On the way to the farm, the kids were like 'What?' 'Why?' 'No Aircon!' Typical City kids who never stayed in a kampong before. Anyway, it would be a good opportunity to expose them to the rural rustic side of Singapore.

It was not just an experiential journey for the kids, but also a sensory one too. Kids could smell, touch and understand the entire planting process.

Tasted the organic vegetables too. Never knew Lady's finger could be so crunchy and not slimey at all.
 No pesticides were used in Quan Fa Organic Farm. All insects were stuck onto this panel.

Quite tasty though

Freshly plucked Radish. So pretty
How could I not have a selfie with this Bouquet?
 JJ patiently explained the how the different vegetables were being grown organically

 My usual style
 Neatly lined crops

 Lovely bitter gourd!
 Lady's Fingers
 Couldn't help but had to snap and snap  #nofilter pictures


Fertilizers; no faeces used. all fruits and vegetables only
Farmer hard at work
 Our mandatory group shot. Girls loving the experience. No complains even they were being 'attack' by guerrilla mozzies (after using multiple anti-mozzie stickers and spray).
 We totally enjoyed our Organic Farm Tour, kudos to JJ, who was so passionate about organic farming. It was like a tranquil retreat brimming with lush greenery. After the tour, we were treated to freshly prepared organic vegetables that left us craving for more.

 It was saddening to hear that this locally-owned organic farm would be gone by 2019 due to urban developments. Perhaps it is time for you to check out this secret sanctuary during the school holidays to experience or reminisce the good old kampong days. Do kindly contact Quan Fa Organic Farm for their various tour timings.
However, you can also purchase these fresh greens via their e-shop:
Just for my readers, you will enjoy 10% off any purchases with promo code: QuanfaOrganicFarm
* Not valid for promotional items and dried goods. One-time use per customer. Valid till 31 Dec 16.
Quan Fa Organic Farm
35 Murai Farmway
Singapore 709145
Tel: +65 6793 7693
Facebook: quanfaorganic
Instagram: qforganic

Sep 9, 2016

Stem Cell Therapy by Cambridge Therapeutics [Media Review]

I decided to give my skin a new lease of health by trying out Cambridge's Fusion Stem Cell Therapy in Singapore. This new stem cell treatment is actually a form of rejuvenation. It is a unique formulation of collagen and growth factors that nourished and heals skin from within.

I started out feeling a bit skeptical as my skin was very sensitive. I wonder how my skin will react to the stem cell treatment. However for the sake of beautiful ageless skin, I just went ahead to do it.

Stem Cell Therapy in Singapore

Don't expect the stem cell therapy serum to smell nice, serum has no additives, hence, it smells like bodily fluids.

The micro-needle roller that was used by the Therapist to roll on the serum into my skin. It was a bit pricky, but overall, it was still bearable. I nearly dozed off a few times during stem cell treatment.

Singapore Stem Cell Treatment Results

The result just from my maiden try was very significant and I was totally convinced this was the treatment for me.

No makeup on the face and no filter used for the picture. Except for my eye makeup. My face did not turn red or patchy after the stem cell treatment.

After first session

                                                                 After second session

After third session

After fourth session

It is recommended to do a total of 4 x weekly sessions so as to ensure the best effects. So far, I have been enjoying compliments on how radiant and supple my skin has become.

Stem Cell Therapy is indeed amazing. Stem Cell treatments possess this thing called Cell Signalling. Simply by coming into contact with Stem Cells, it will pass on the information to our skin cells and teaches it to behave the way it should be. Hence, Fusion Stem Cells Regeneration Therapy helps to repair damaged and corrupted skin cells.
Stem Cells used are from Red Deers (not from suspicious unknown source). This treatment was curated by Cambridge and CellResearchCorp.

Stem Cell Therapy Package for 4 Sessions - S$1,588 (equates to $397 per session)
Coupled with Laser Treatment      - S$3,508

Each session of the Stem Cell Fusion Therapy takes about 30 mins. Fast and effective is what I need. This is like a lunchtime beauty retreat for me.

Just for readers of my blog, Cambridge Therapeutics will give away an extra tub of Calecim Home Care Cream with 50% High Potency for you to continue the therapy in the comfort of your home.

I tried using the Calecim Home Care Cream on my cut. Miraculously, my cut dried and healed in 2 days time, without a scar. You must try to know the amazing results.

Cambridge Therapeutics
391 Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City Tower 2

For Appointment: Please call

+65 6733 6729

Jan 27, 2016

Review: People Impact-IQEQ Programme for Kids




“The most beautiful sight in the world is a child going confidently down the road of life after you have shown him the way.” - Confucius


Confucius had it right. Isnt that what our job as a parent is? Getting our kids ready to leave the nest and prepare them for a life out on their own? And I believe the sooner we start, the more beneficial it will be for our children.


I would love to share with you what I have observed and experienced recently when I was invited to bring our Lil’ S to People Impact.

People Impact is the market leader in providing intelligence training to children which focuses on enhancing various soft skills, such as communication, heightening self-esteem, leadership skills, money and time management, arithmetic and linguistic reasoning, creativity and critical thinking. In a nutshell, its about building life skills for success!
Many of us, parents here tend to skew towards IQ development for our kids, and in particularly zooming into academic excellence with the kind of competitiveness we have here. But, it’s definitely good to ponder upon what’s best for these little ones. What will make them happy and successful in their own right?

I am glad I agreed to the invitation. My Lil’ S loved the program. The day she went for the trial, they were focusing on the theme, TEAMWORK. Love it or not, we have to work with others even at the tender age of kindergarten. So teamwork does matter. Teamwork requires people to work with others towards a unified goal. For a team to work together effectively, it takes all members of the team to respect each others abilities and opinions.

People Impacts IQEQ programme is specially designed to achieve the goal of instilling teamwork spirit in the kids.

Lil’ S enjoyed all the activities on that day. People Impact encourages learning through play and I could see that very obviously during the lesson. Kids were asked to think creatively using shapes. For instance, my Lil’ S was asked what her favourite shape was, and she picked a heart shape. Then the teacher got her to expand on that shape, how she could magically turn that simple heart shape into something else. So she started drawing even more hearts within the big heart and eventually made it into a beautiful heart-shaped window!



 Then they had to work in pairs, working on shapes to tell a story. They had to stand in front of the class to show and tell, before that, they had to discuss the ideas with their partners. Adorable! And these kids really had such great imagination.

Thereafter, they had to work in a bigger group for some ‘groceries’ shopping. My Lil’ S was appointed as the leader of the group and she had to make sure everyone in the team fulfilled their designated role well.

From my observation, I can tell the objectives of all these activities are to allow our children to move from more intrapersonal ways of thinking to interpersonal communications with others. It will help strengthen their social and emotional skills, develop their communication skills, and improve confidence. These will eventually become part of them and such great assets to have for them to stand out and become successful positive individuals.


For more information, do check out the following platforms of People Impact’.





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