Jan 6, 2014

M is for Magnum

Desserts is when Stressed spelt backwards. We cannot buy happiness but we can definitely buy Ice-cream.

Finally made it to the Magnum Pop-Up Pleasure Store. This time they shifted it to Raffles City.

The whole cafe was immaculately decorated with limited magnum pops around the store. The menu was a showcase of interesting desserts from the magnum ice-cream.

Loved the crystalised magnum...hmmm

We ordered the Lava Molten and Venice in a Jar. 
The jar came with rum alcohol, chocolate and vanilla ice-cream. Tasted aka tiramisu. It came with a stick of vanilla Magnum which was always superb.

The molten lava cakes were a bit disappointing as they were not fluffy enough. Chocolate were too sticky. Overall it was acceptable. 

While checking out the great selection of toppings, the staff shared with me, peoplr would order Chilly Flakes with Magnum. OMG! One impossible combi! I will never imagine myself eating chilli ice-cream!
I love the way they decorated this cozy cafe; kind of a nice concept. It was quite a good place to chill on a lazy weekend to catch up with friends. 

The Magnum Pleasure Store will be at Raffles City till 3 Feb 2014. Wonder where will be the pop-up store be going? 

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