Sep 6, 2013

TGRF; thank god for Radio Frequency

Feeling so blessed I live in this modern age when we are being surrounded by so much creams, technologies to delay the signs of aging. 

As a woman in this generation, we are such multi-taskers. Time is really an essence. It is really great to have medical spas helmed by the aesthetics doctor themselves offering lunchtime fixes.

I am pleased to be invited to try SkinLab's new Radio Frequency Lifting treatment. 

It was a 35 minutes procedure, totally non-evasive. I was greeted by a warm, friendly therapist who explained the entire procedure to me before starting. 

The environment was clean and not clinical. She started by doing a thorough cleaning of my face, followed by a 10 minute relaxing head and shoulder massage with aromatherapy oil. Good to relax those tired muscles after a long day.

Thereafter, a cooling gel was applied to the face. This was crucial so your face would not get burnt by the heat from the RF and helped to cool the face too. 

Applying the cool gel on my face.

She concentrated on my right face, I could feel the heat slowly slipping in.  It was like a tippling feel on your face. It became hotter gradually but you could ask the therapist to reduce if you were not able to take the heat. I would halt her to avoid the area if a slight pierce was felt.

See the face after one side was completed. Left side appeared to be more taut. 

I am done! No filter, no makeup; only toner and sunblock applied by the therapist. 

Can you see my more contoured chin?

Face felt more supple and firm after the treatment. Even my fine lines under my eyes looked quite faint. 

Kudos to the wonderful therapist (she was shy to be named;-p) who did a terrific job for me and SkinLab who had given me the opportunity to experience this superb technology. Truly the sunshine who made my day brighter. I will definitely be back again. 

Check them out at: 

Wheelock Place

Plaza Singapura

Or email them at:

Facebook: SkinLab Medical Spa

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