Mar 16, 2015

Review: Skinlab's Milk Peel Facial

Cleopatra knew milk was good for her skin – but maybe not why! SkinLab Milk Peel Facial's ultrasonic peeling system uses lactic acid – a gentle alpha hydroxy acid derived from milk products – to unclog pores and remove impurities and dead skin cells. 

For a start, the beautician Rosie, did a 10 minute massage using a calming essential oil. This helped to relax the tensed muscles from my hectic lifestyle. 

Thorough cleansing of the face before the start of the procedure.

Rosie applied milk enzymes on the face. Smelt like goat's milk to me. I could feel the moisture seeping into my skin.

Steam was infused onto the skin to open up the pores for extraction.

Being a beautician with a wealth of experiences, Rosie did a swift, thorough and painless extraction for me. No red marks were spotted thereafter.

Lastly, Rosie finished off with a rose and strawberry mask that allows the skin to rest and regenerate. It smelt so good. I fell asleep shortly after application of mask. 

I am done with no makeup on.

Skin felt so clean, refreshed and glowing with radiance.

See how my skin glows like the sunflowers. 

Skinlab The Medical Spa is currently offering the 90-min Milk Peel Facial at S$38 (usual S$158) in their newly opened Jurong Point branch.

Take the chance to pamper and experience such luxurious facial treatment now.

For appointments, do kindly contact them at:

Wheelock Place, #04-04

Plaza Singapura, #03-33

Jurong Point, #B1-62

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