Feb 2, 2015

Cuppalicious at Black & Ink

Who doesn't appreciate a nice cuppa? Especially on a Monday when I need to combat the blues!

Recently I ventured to Black and Ink with a girlfriend; a quaint cafe nestled along Changi Road. The cafe stood out amidst the row of boring shophouses. Once in the cafe, I was greeted by the warm, friendly Big Roy. I felt so at home immediately. 

As usual I ordered my Latte and cakes as per recommended by Roy. The full bodied latte using Specialty crafted house blend with Ethiopian Amaro Gayo Organic and Columbian Excelso Timana beans; From the heart, served with Bodum glasses was at S$5. 

Frankly this was my first time seeing a cafe using Bodum which is a quality glassware from UK. Their double wall feature will keep the coffee hot without burning your fingers.
I fell in love with the coffee here, the  temperature was just perfect, not too hot for immediate consumption. 

Roy being a passionate food and coffee lover, shared with us lots of valuable experiences in his quest for good quality coffee. I totally agree the lack of a good cuppa in Singapore. We truly need more of such coffee devotees here. 

The carrot cake (S$5) had strips of carrots, cranberries, walnuts and cream cheese.  The chocolate brownie ($5) was my personal favourite. Rich chocolate fudge, very soft and fluffy. Real goodness without scrimping on the ingredients and freshly baked daily by a Le Cordon Bleu (London) baker. It is really worth every cent. 

Yummy cakes. Once started, we couldn't stop.
I loved this quote! So apt for a coffee lover like me.
Must take a picture with the beautifully designed chalkboard.

We had an awesome time at Black & Ink. We will be back to fuel ourselves up very soon! 

Do check them out soon at:
Black & Ink
168 Changi Road
Singapore 419730

Operating Hours: 9am to 7pm daily 
                            Closed on Tuesdays

Instagram: blackandink
Facebook: blackandink

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