Sep 3, 2014

A Nostalgic Morning at The Dispensary Cafe

A lovely Friday, up and excited, looking forward to a scrumptious feast in The Dispensary whilst an overdue catch-up with a girlfriend. 

The Dispensary is a quaint café with a strong traditional interior decoration influence, nestled in the  midst of Tiong Bahru.  Gone were the yester years as a Medical Hall, it is now being restored as a café serving unassuming and healthy Western fare made with the flavour of personal touch.

Ever wonder this is actually a cafe? 
   An old medical hall with a modern twist.

Medicine Boxes are the main centrepiece for this café. 
The old signboard was restored.

Spotted a traditional Chinese Herbs cutter.

Truly a mix of old and new.

The pot was used by the previous owners for cooking. Now it has become a showpiece in the café.

Wohoo, there is a Gramophone! I love it!

Collections of old kitchenware on display

Coffee tasted even better with these cups

Sewing machine to be used as a side table? What a clever and innovative idea for recycling.

Walls and floors were deliberately done up to create the rustic old feel.

Busy at work

Must try! This was really delicious! I couldn't stop eating.  The Kueh Lapis was made with the owners' secret home recipe. The texture was soft, yet not soggy, and not sweet.

Good old New York Cheesecake. A must-have for cheese lovers. Lots of rich cream cheese with a hint of lemon to accentuate the cheese flavour.

Red Velvet Cake. Silky Smooth Vanilla Cream Cheese with moist Red Velvet. So pretty and yummy.

Chocolate Banana Cake.  Layers of Valrhona chocolate cake interwhined with fresh banana slices and infused chocolate cream cheese. What a heavenly combination.
Sea Salt Caramel Cupcake.  I love everything Salted Caramel. A rich butter cake infused with their own concoction of homemade caramel sauce and sea salt crystals.

Chocolate Storm Cupcake. This devilish chocolate cake made from Valrhona cocoa, swathed in luscious chocolate cream cheese and topped with chocolate macaron. Pure sinful indulgence. So glad it was not very sweet and I could  finish all up in a jiffy. Loved the macaron too.
Lychee Indulgence Cupcake. With lychee, what could go wrong?  A rich butter cake with cream frosting with the lychee taking centrestage.  Slurps.
Egg Benedict. My Must-Order for Breakfast. Loving how the Hollandise sauce blended with the poached egg and meaty bacon.
Duck Confit Aglio Olio. The duck meat was sautéed with spices. Meat was very tender and fresh, not at all chewy.

The to-die-for Truffle Fries. Using the freshest ingredients, the fries were so irresistible, we finished all up in 5 mins. There was no such word "fat" in our dictionary.

With the talented Chef Harrison who is the brainchild behind all the pretty and yummicilious pastries.

I loved the steel door when you dragged it to one side to close. Really brought back the times when I was a kid in my grandparents' house.

We had an awesome time reminiscing our childhood days in The Dispensary.  Good food, good company and good ambience. What more could I ask for? Appreciate the kind invitation from the bosses of The Dispensary. There were no pictures taken with the bosses as they were rather "camera shy". One more place in my list of favourite cafes. I will be seen popping by more often for my regular cuppa and dessert fix. Not forgetting the sinful Truffle Fries too! 

Relive the good old days while indulging in the mouth-watering array menu:

69 Tiong Bahru Road
Singapore 168723
Tel: 6536 0225
Fax: 6536 0355

Business Hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 9:00am to 9:00pm



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