Aug 18, 2014

New Additions in Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe

The chefs at Spicy Thai-Thai Café are always creating New dishes so customers are never bored of going back. To add more "Spice" to the repertoire of traditional dishes, they created these few new fusion dishes for a East-meet-West flavour.
I started with the Nacho Chips with a Spicy Thai specially-made Avocado Dip. Avocado dips are own-made from scratch using fresh avocadoes.
The taste was so refreshing and I couldn't stop munching. Do you know that Avocadoes have lots of health benefits? They can help to lower cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of diabetes, promote lower body weight and prevent cancer. So healthy food does not equate to awful taste afterall.

 Nacho Chips with Avocado Dip at $12
I jumped with excitement upon seeing the Pork Porridge on the new menu list. I always love Pork Porridge. When  I saw it being served, it gave me a feeling of being at Home. The taste of the porridge felt like it was cooked with love by mum. Yummy! This savoury and flavourful dish was warm and comforting. It is a favourite with the Teochews in Thailand too.
Pork Porridge is at $5
Instead of using oil, the chef opted to use water for healthier eating. One of my favourites for the evening. I was intrigued by the crispy sun-dried fish. They looked like a beautiful garnish and actually equally tasty to eat. The kind of creativity and thoughts put into a simple egg dish. That is amazing.
Water-Fry Egg with Thai -Style Crispy Sun-Dried Fish $12
Fish Maw Crab Meat boiled in coconut husk was like a match made in heaven. Chef added fresh coconut flesh inside too. Together with the seafood, they brought out the real sweetness in the soup. Everything just tasted perfect.
Fish Maw Crab Meat Soup at $28 (4-pax portion)
I was always so full whenever I did food tasting. This time was no exception too. However, I just had to taste the dessert Tapioca with coconut milk. Tapioca was steamed and mixed with freshly squeezed coconut juice. It was truly sinful but irresistible.
                                              Steamed Tapioca with Coconut Milk at $3.50
Snippets on Spicy Thai
Spicy Thai-Thai Café was founded by homegrown businessman, Ron Poh five years ago. With the success of its first outlet in Jalan Besar, the second shop was sprouted at Aljunied Avenue 2 in 2013.
Ron has an unexplained affinity with anything Thai, from culture to food. What started out as a passion for seeking authentic Thai food results in him wanting to present the most authentic experience for his customers at Spicy Thai-Thai Café.
Come on down to have your taste buds sing and dance to the symphonic orchestra of flavours at Spicy Thai-Thai Café now.
Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe
Blk 115 Aljunied Ave 2
Singapore 380115
Operating Hours: 11am to 12am daily
Reservations: +65 6747 8558
Instagram: @spicythaithaicafe
Facebook: spicythai-thaicafe

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