Dec 8, 2013

Yoguru's limited edition salted caramel

I was so excited to see Yoguru launching my favourite, Salted Caramel. The staff was sharing with me they took a long time to come up with this delicious yet tasty concoction. Yogurt is supposed to be healthy right? 
I had mine topped with almonds and fruity pebbles. Before I had a bite, my hub took it and couldn't stop eating hahaha. Can you imagine how tasty it was?

Come on to Yoguru as this will be served during this festive season only. Really wish they can have it permanently on their menu. Praying hard. 

For more details on their location around Singapore, check their web on or their Facebook Page 'yoguru'

It had certainly brighten up my day! Look forward to more salted caramel:-)

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