Oct 8, 2013

Organic = Tasty?

Buns, possible to be organic and tasty at the same time?  Yeah, it's possible. Olive and Green has it. I didn't believe it initially, till I tried.

I took a few variations of the bread throughout the days. 
Chocolate and Date Olive Bun are the star ingredients of this product. I am quite sceptical. I was surprised the chocolate and date was such a great combination.
It was not so sweet too. I could feel the chocolate oozing out from my first bite.

 Blueberry Olive Oil Bun. Blueberries are known to be powerful antioxidants which can help to prevent cancer and other age-related diseases.
Very light bread, I liked it as a snack for the afternoon teatime.
Cranberry Olive Oil Bun: Cranberries have several health benefits due to its unique combination of proanthocyandins and antioxidants.
Very ideal for us women. This was my personal favourite, since I had always love cranberries.

Olive & Green was founded by Singaporean Desmond Tan about six years ago with the aim of creating healthier-eating options for everyone.  In 2010, they were being awarded the ‘Asia Pacific Super Health Brand New Health 100’.

Their Sprouted Breads / Buns are one of this homegrown company’s biggest pride! Made with their signature Hippocrates Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and organic sprouted wheat, these breads/buns are 100% vegan and contain more nutrients than any other type of bread currently sold in the market. Also, no sugar, garlic or onions have been added to their bread. Extremely good for vegans and vegetarians.

Why wait, since you can have the best of both worlds, enjoy tasty bites without the guilt feeling!

For more details on how you can get these delicious breads, check out:



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