Aug 11, 2013

Panda Eyes = No More

All the late nights and stress have been giving me tired eyes. My quest for good eye masks have never ceased. Recently I was given these cutie eye masks from a dear girlfriend. I was attracted by the cutie packaging. Didn't look like an eye mask pack for an adult.

Such a cutie packaging! I love it!

This eye mask was from L'Herboflore a.k.a 蕾舒翠, a Taiwanese leading luxury sheet mask manufacturer. Surprisingly the price was quite affordable, according to my girlfriend, per sheet was approximately SGD$3. 

The ingredients used were all natural floral and fruits.

That was very reasonable for such immaculate thought into the design and ingredients used.

The sheet covered my nose and cheek area as well. The sheet mask fitted snugly onto my face. I had access serum to slather on my neck area too. 

Besides this eye mask which is very solid, they have other kinds of sheet masks. I wish I can buy all back;-)

Check out their website:

I hope they will be readily available in Singapore soon like My Beauty Diary, though pricing may be slightly higher. For now, I can only rely on friends who travel to Taiwan to stock up for me. 

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  1. Hello there! I read your post about the eye masks from L'Herboflore and I have great news for you! I have brought them into Singapore and would love to connect with you! Please email me at :)