Jul 31, 2013

Makeup = Self- Respect?

A lot of friends had been asking me why I looked so dolled up daily. As a multi-tasker; busy working executive, with 2 young schooling kids (7&3) with no helper. Frankly the only answer to them: that's a respect to oneself. 

The hectic stressful lifestyle and lack of sleep made me look real haggard at times. Hence, I always tell myself, no matter where I go, sunblock with a tinge of blusher and lip gloss is a must. If possible, eyeliner to brighten up the eyes. 

Maybe when you wake up tomorrow, urge yourself to try on some basic makeup. A sunblock, loose powder, blusher with a gloss to finish off the look.  If an additional few minutes a day can win you compliments, that's worth the effort already. 

Me - my typical work gear (with compliments from thecolorIS)

Me - my weekend look (with sunblock, eyeliner, tinge of blusher and gloss)

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